Something I made earlier this year

One morning my 4 year old son asked me to make him a hovercraft.  I found a takeout container in the recycling, grabbed a battery holder, switch and motor from my spare parts bins, and a spare prop from a toy quadcopter.  The prop just happened to fit perfectly on the motor shaft, and a little testing with a variable power supply helped me find the right voltage to get the speed I wanted.

I made an A-frame to hold the motor up, slotted it into the takeout container, and cut a baffle to divert some of the air under the shell for lift.
Add some masking tape to hold it all together and a cardboard blade guard for a little safety, and it was ready for takeoff!

Doesn't travel in a straight line all that well even with an added rudder, but it sure can move! I replaced the tape with hot glue after I got everything lined up right, and I'm hoping to find a way to add an apron so it doesn't get stuck on rug edges, but overall I think it was a success!