New Year, New Effort, Same Goal!

 New Year, New Effort, Same Goal!

It's been a little bit since I've posted anything here, so it's time for an update.

    After a bit of a (semi-unintentional) hiatus over the holidays, I'm back at it and going full speed ahead.  I have the community room booked through the the spring for our (now weekly) meetups, our first hands-on workshop is scheduled, and more exciting events are in the works! 

    Our first hands-on workshop is Vintage Sewing Machine Repair.  One of our community members who regularly repairs and re-homes 40-100+ year old machines will be sharing  her skills and knowledge in a hands-on event to teach us how to take a dusty old machine from the back of the closet or corner of the thrift store and get it running like new again.  

    We've connected up with a local Discord server, and if chatter there is any guide, our next meetup will have Arduino tinkering and sewing conversations, along with whatever else comes up in the moment.

    On the 3d printing front, my printer successfully printed multiple gifts, including glow in the dark ornaments and a 16+ hour print of a rather tricky yarn bowl (my biggest print so far) so it was rewarded with a light bar upgrade and a zippered enclosure to keep dust & drafts out.