The Vision & The Mission


To foster a greater understanding of the technological world around us through creative exploration, repair, experimentation, and shared knowledge.

Mission: To build a member driven hackerspace with the tools and space needed to give a diverse community the ability to create, explore, repair, and learn through shared skills and knowledge. 

What is a hackerspace? It is a workshop, an art studio, a laboratory, a classroom, a meeting space, a tool library, a place that encourages the creative exploration of the world we live in. 

What is a hacker? A hacker is someone who is interested in technology but isn't satisfied just using it as-is. They want to know how it works, why it breaks, what else it can do, who controls it, how they can make it their own.  

Who can join? Anyone with an open mind and an honest desire to help build this community. 

What's next for Make Fix Hack? Once I know who is interested, we can start meeting and planning the next steps. Creating an organizational structure, finding a location, getting tools and equipment, etc. I have ideas, but I can't be a community by myself.

What will Make Fix Hack do for the surrounding community? I would like to do regular outreach events to support the area we live in. Events such as repair cafes, learn to solder sessions, presentations on any number of tech related topics (like cord cutting, digital privacy, right to repair & more) "tacos and tech support" nights, and many other ideas are all possibilities.